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ForensicBites accomplishes our mission to connect the public with current forensic research by:

  • Reading technical articles in top peer-reviewed journal.
  • Distilling technical information into understandable terms framed within a broader context.
  • Connecting research to case work and identifying future applications of the presented research.

Authors typically write 1 blog post a month with a one to two week period from submission of the article to editors to publication on the site. Our posting schedule is completely flexible and adjusts to your academia and extracurricular responsibilities.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student with a physical science or mathematics major (computer science, anthropology, biomedical sciences, statistics, genetics, chemistry, biology, physics, etc.) interested in joining our team, please fill out the form below (which sends to [email protected]) introducing yourself, your area(s) of interest in the forensic field, and include a short writing sample (500 to 1000 words). Never written for science communication before? Not a problem! We only ask that you commit to learning and participating in our editing process.

Note that this is not a criminalistics or murder-interest blog. This site is dedicated to analyzing the intersection of science, academia and criminal law, making the complex ideas understandable and accessible to the general public.