Our authors are forensic science or discipline-related undergraduate & graduate students in research-intensive university programs. They translate technical articles in addition to their academic, research and teaching responsibilities.

Niara Nichols is an undergraduate chemistry major at the University at Albany. She joined the Forensic Bites team to learn more about the forensics field and to improve her technical communication. After graduation, she plans to earn a PhD in analytical chemistry and work at a government crime lab.

Caitlyn Wensel is a master’s student at West Virginia University’s Forensic and Investigative Science department.  She joined ForensicBites to bridge the gap between scientists/practitioners and the public about forensics.  Upon graduation, Caitlyn plans to work as a forensic scientist either in a crime lab or in a research lab.

Catherine Allen is a master’s student with a concentration in Forensic Molecular Biology at George Washington University.  She joined ForensicBites to help others understand what is going on in the forensic science community.  Upon graduating, she hopes to work with Next Generation Sequencing and SNPs in casework and/or research.

Jalissa Thomas is a recent graduate and newly appointed master’s student in chemistry at the University at Albany. She joined Forensic Bites to increase interest in the forensics field by making forensics research more accessible to everyone. She plans to work in a police crime lab after graduation.

Lauren Gandy is a chemistry PhD student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She founded ForensicBites to increase public awareness and understanding of the forensic research process. After obtaining her doctorate, Lauren aims to work as a forensic DNA technologist and eventually run a state forensics laboratory.

William Feeney is a Ph.D. candidate at West Virginia University’s Chemistry department. He joined ForensicBites to update practitioners and the general public about recent advances and strides in the forensics field.  Upon graduation, William plans to work as a chemist in a national laboratory.

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