Our authors are forensic science or discipline-related undergraduate & graduate students in research-intensive university programs. They translate technical articles in addition to their academic, research and teaching responsibilities.

Keiann Simon is an undergraduate student at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, majoring in Forensic Science with a concentration in toxicology and minoring in Law. She joined ForensicBites to keep current on innovative topics in forensic science and to make it easy for others to enjoy and understand the science as she does. After graduation she plans to acquire a PhD in Pharmaceutics and eventually open a forensic science consultancy lab. 

Hannah Chu is an Entomology PhD student at the University of California, Riverside studying insect hormones and development. She joined ForensicBites to share the latest forensic entomology research in an accessible format and to stay up-to-date with the field’s latest advances. Hannah plans to incorporate more forensic entomology research into her work as she continues on in her career. 

Niara Nichols is an undergraduate chemistry major at the University at Albany. She joined ForensicBites to learn more about the forensics field and to improve her technical communication. After graduation, she plans to earn a PhD in analytical chemistry and work at a government crime lab.

Justin Goldstein is a Ph.D. student in Texas State University’s Anthropology department. He joined ForensicBites to help increase communication amongst forensic researchers and share new findings with the public. After graduating, Justin plans to work as a forensic anthropologist and assist ongoing identification efforts.

Kristyn Ramsey is a master’s student in Medicolegal Death Investigation at Syracuse University.  She joined ForensicBites to keep abreast of new advancements in forensics and to share her passion by presenting research in an accessible format.  Upon graduation, she aims to work for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s Major Case Response Team.

Jalissa Thomas is a master’s student in Chemistry at the State University at Albany. She joined ForensicBites to increase interest in the forensics field by making forensics research more accessible to everyone. She plans to work in a police crime lab after graduation.

Lauren Gandy is a chemistry Ph.D. candidate at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She founded ForensicBites to increase public awareness and understanding of the forensic research process. After obtaining her doctorate, Lauren aims to work as a forensic DNA technologist and eventually run a state forensics laboratory.

Debbie S. Stone Talavera is a forensic biomedical master’s student with a certification in medicolegal death investigation at Syracuse University. She joined ForensicBites to provide information on forensics that is reachable and understandable for the community. After graduation, she will pursue a career in the federal government or state crime laboratories as a forensic scientist.

Brittany Justice is an undergraduate forensic science student at George Mason University. She joined the ForensicBites to make forensic science research more accessible to others while learning more about forensics advancements. After graduation, she plans to earn an MD degree and work as a forensic pathologist.

Sara is a master’s student at Oklahoma State University graduating in 2021. She joined ForensicBites to expand her own knowledge of the forensics field and help others understand the importance of forensics. She plans to work in a crime lab post-graduation.

Past authors

Caitlyn Wensel obtained her master’s degree from West Virginia University’s in Forensic and Investigative Science in 2020.  She currently works as a forensic scientist in a crime lab in the Controlled Substances section. She joined ForensicBites to bridge the gap between scientists/practitioners and the public about forensics. 

William Feeney completed his Ph.D. studies at West Virginia University in 2021. He joined ForensicBites to update practitioners and the general public about recent advances and strides in the forensics field.  William plans to work as a chemist in a national laboratory.

Catherine Allen graduated with her Master’s in Forensic Molecular Biology from George Washington University in 2021.  She joined ForensicBites to help others understand what is going on in the forensic science community.  Currently she works at the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory as a DNA Quality Control Technician.

Grace Walker is an undergraduate forensic science major at George Mason University. She joined ForensicBites to expand her forensic horizons and help others understand the beauty of science. After graduation, she plans to continue her education and eventually work as a forensic scientist in a crime lab.